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The Four Media - Part Three

An earlier version of this website, designed for a more general (non-academic) public, was published in 2007. The present website takes advantage of recent technical developments in Web design. It also benefits from recent research into how we read a web page, as it incorporates the results of eye-tracking and text-chunking studies,vi as well as modern ideas on information architecture, including how to lay out information in a user-friendly manner.vii

Recent technological developments have also been introduced to allow, for example, for the application of screen readers, that is, web browsers for the visually disabled. Images have been reduced for speedy downloading (these are still available in full size by clicking on them). Text coding has been simplified to facilitate efficient downloading of text pages. The visitor’s forum in the original site has been removed in accordance with modern thinking about the layout and content of scholarly sites.Textual revisions in content and style have also been incorporated, most notably in the section on memory in the article on memory and sketches, and in the theoretical section on diaries and photographs in the second article.

Secondary sources published after 2007 have also been taken into consideration. At the request of scholars, I have also added a section providing an annotated list of recommended scholarly works on autobiography, selected memoirs and diaries from World War One, as well as articles and books discussing the advantages of electronic publication. My website has given rise to invitations to give public talks at among others, the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada; the North Vancouver Museum & Archives, Vancouver; Capilano University, Vancouver; the British Columbia Genealogical Society, Vancouver; Ningbo University, China; and Kristianstad County Museum, Kristianstad, Sweden. The website itself is used as teaching material on an archive management course at the North Vancouver Museum & Archives, and is included in the reading list for an introductory course on autobiography at Capilano University, Vancouver. The texts are the culmination of three years’ research on the life and writings of Walter MacKay Draycot. I gratefully acknowledge the contributions of John Stuart, M.A., Curator of the North Vancouver Museum & Archives who took all the digital photographs reproduced here. My sincere thanks also go to Teri Schamp-Bjerede, who has re-designed the present website to take advantage of new developments in electronic publication and W3C standards.

Thanks also go to Captain Colin M. Stevens, CD, Canadian Army, Reserve Intelligence Officer for the Seaforth Highlanders of Canada, for invaluable assistance with interpreting Draycot’s sketches. Finally, I wish to thank the The Swedish Foundation for International Cooperation in Research and Higher Education for its generous grant, the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada (where as visiting scholar I was given access to valuable archival material), and Kristianstad University (where I am Associate Professor of English) for their generous support of my project.

vi Jakob Nielsen and Kara, Eyetracking Web Usability (Berkeley, CA: New Riders, 2009).
vii Patrick J. Lynch and Sarah Horton, Web Style Guide, 3rd Edition: Basic Design Principles for Creating Web Sites (New Haven, Connecticut: Yale University Press, 2009).

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