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Jane M. Ekstam Ph.D.
Professor of English
Østfold University College


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Welcome to Draycot.com

Walter Draycott-1914-1916 - click on image to enlarge

This site contains two articles on the representation of ‘self’ in autobiographical writing. After a short introduction to the four autobiographical media reviewed here and the nature of the narrating ‘I’, I discuss a private soldier’s records of four years’ service on the western front during World War One.

Two questions are addressed: ‘How much and in what ways are the contents influenced by their creator’s purpose and the period when they were produced?’ and ‘How and in what ways do the different media reveal different facets of their creator’s identity as producer and subject?’ These questions are discussed in:

'Memoir & Sketches'
'Diaries & Photographs'

My study demonstrates that publishing on the World Wide Web offers many advantages for the 21st century scholar (see ‘The Four Media’).

~ Jane M. Ekstam, Professor of English. Østfold University College, Norway

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